Exotic Short Hair Kittens Available Now

For more information about our Exotic Shorthair Kittens for sale or their availability please contact us!

Our Exotic Short Hair kittens are affectionate, loyal, playful, cuddly and also intelligent, adaptable, very low maintenance, in addition to they also get along well with other pets and children!

Drifter’s 7 Week Old Kittens

These  beauties will be 7 weeks old! Today they were allowed to run freely in the house. I took these yesterday afternoon. Amazing little spirits. 
The silver tabby van male and the incredible silver and white tabby male will be looking for families!
 Don’t forget to ask about them by text or DM! 
 Raised with dogs, cageless. Infinitely loved and adored. Vaccinated and health examined. Congenital health warrantee

Dreamers Kittens Ready Late May

Sweetness Personified 🍭🍬
These two sibling dolls! 
Please ask about Dreamers 7 week old black and white van female exotic short hair and brown and white tabby van exotic short hair male! 
 Neurostimulation trained for engaging, compliant and intelligent thinking. Raised cageless, with dogs. 
 Nanny service via ground anywhere in Texas . Air for the rest of the 🇺🇸 Will be vaccinated, wood pellet litter box trained.
 Health certified and one year congenital. Read our 5 ⭐️ reviews on our website or Facebook page. Join us in our Facebook group at A Cat Lovers Community presented by TexStar Exotic Short Hair and Persian Cattery to learn proper care, feed and supplements for your beloveds!

Noelle x Inti 6 Week Old Exotic Short Hair Kittens

Total Eclipse of My Heart 🖤   

Exotic Short Hair Kittens in Texas 

Noelle’s babies are 6 weeks today. Hitting every milestone. Eating kibble and meat. 

Love the clear pen and interested in greeting the dogs! First kitten shots tomorrow ! 

Please ask by text or message. Time is flying! Calico stays home. Thank you everyone for your joyful messages and comments! 

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Drifter and her 2 and a half week old Exotic Shorthair Kittens


Black and White Bi Color Exotic Short Hair Female Kitten

bi color tuxedo exotic shorthair

Black and White Exotic Short Hair Kitten. Tuxedo style markings. Super loving bed baby. Loves to play or entertain herself! 7 months. Hand raised, cageless . 

Easy care coat. Gets along with all ages of cats and kittens. Raised with dogs. 

Fully vaccinated. Rabies vaccine. Will be Spayed. Needs absolutely nothing but a loving forever family ! 

Contact us for more information!
469-777-2238 or visit us on Facebook 

View How your kittens are raised! Sleeping in the bed! Running free! Learning how to navigate life with dog and all ages and genders of cats and kittens! 

We are a CFA registered Exotic Shorthair cattery