Love, Terri and TexStar Exotics

Love, Terri and TexStar Exotics – what a great experience.  I already have three cats and a dog – so needed a kitten that would fit in.  My daughter had just gotten a brother and sister from Terri (They are the best) and Terri said their brother was still available and would be a good match.  I  Can’t believe how lucky I am to have him.  Rui fits right in.  He is confident, friendly, curious, and on and on.  Terri’s training is unparalleled.  He is not afraid.  He purrs all the time.  He already gets along with the others.  Comes when you call him.  He got off the plane so comfortable and was ready for the new.  Thank you Terri.  Get a TexStar Exotic cat.  You won’t be sorry.